Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Arlington Presbyterian Church offers an interesting post-Easter "concert" service

On Sunday, April 11, the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA offered a lot of interesting music from a guest choir, the Ardmore Youth Choir.

A 13 year-old violinist from Williamsburg Middle School in Arlington played solo violin in a J.S. Bach cantata movement “Prepare Thyself Zion”, arranged by Michael Burkhardt. The solo part resembled that of a slow movement from a Bach violin concerto, and the technique was crisp. I’ve always wondered how the form of the Bach concertos matches those Sonata forms that would develop during the Classical Period.

There was a South African song, “Gabi. Gabi”, which I think appears in the 1987 film “Cry Freedom!”.

There was an anonymous 10th Century anthem arranged by Audrey Snyder, “Ubi Carritas”, and an African American spiritual “Give Me Jesus”. Combined choirs song Psalm 100 by Eleanor Daley. And there was a final Response “An Irish Blessing” adapted by Bob Chilcott.

Young people at this church, as with many congregations, recently held a "30 hour fast" for which they actually raised money. Is that the best way to accomplish charity?

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