Monday, March 08, 2010

"Musiccorps" brings music ensemble playing to underprivileged kids in four cities

NBC Nightly News, on Monday March 8, aired a “Making a Difference” report about a “Musiccorps” program in four cities (Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and New Orleans) assisting grade-school children in poor neighborhoods to learn to play in musical ensembles. A few months ago, there was a report of a similar private program in Miami. Both could have been inspired by Gustavo Dudamel's work with youth in Venezuela.

The report emphasized the idea that “connection between people” in teamwork is part of musical expression, a concept that may seem alien to composers working alone. But the composers must work with others when presenting their music.

Teaching musicians to work together in a team (an ensemble) is quite different from teaching piano or violin individually. I recall that in one of the last episodes of the WB show "Everwood", the character Ephram (Gregory Smith), having skipped the audition to Julliard because of a dispute with his father, wound up giving music classes at the age of 18.

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Earlier in the show, NBC also reported that opera singer Placido Domingo, 69, is recovering from colon cancer surgery and is expected to recover completely.

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