Monday, March 01, 2010

Ethan Bortnick appears on NBC Today with "We Are the World"

On Sunday February 28 NBC Today show presented the nine year old piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick, from Florida. Ethan played an improvisation on Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World” (1985) on the Today Show Sunday Feb. 28. According to Wikipedia, he was the youngest of 70 artists in making the recording as a benefit for Haiti. In general, in his materials, the emphasis seemed to be on fun rather than classics in the usual sense.

I still recall the "We Are the World" event in downtown Dallas in 1985.

This YouTube clip comes from "Melody Street".

Ethan appears to have two websites, this link, and then this.

Picture (mine): Boca Raton, FL, 2004.

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