Saturday, February 13, 2010

A visit to The Comedy Spot in Arlington VA (when it's hard to get around)

Getting into DC was going to be pretty tough with the ice, wind, and truncated Metro schedule tonight after the storm, so I dropped in on Arlington’s “The Comedy Spot”, the Blue Show, at 10 PM tonight in the Ballston Common.

The blue auditorium was pretty full, mostly young adults, probably a lot living in nearby condos, as it is still hard to get around tonight), and the five or six skits invited minimal audience participation. Generally, the performers would ad lib on phrases or suggestions from the audience. One ad lib (with three “volunteers” who escaped pretty much unscathed – no manning the locker room or the deep end of the pool here) took off on a hypothetical horror movie “Terror in the Woods” (a title from the back), and the plot more or less went like “Timber Falls”. The skit ended with an exculpatory reference to "don't ask don't tell", now doomed in real politics, which I appreciated. Then “she” asked for a title of an unmade hypothetical foreign film, with the ad-libbers talking in something like Esperanto, or maybe the language of Middle Earth (it sounded rather like baby babble). I threw out the name of my unpublished novel “Tribunal and Rapture” (aka “Brothers”) and she got some of it right. Angels haul in people for the rapture (more or less right), then pick out animals to sacrifice (that doesn’t happen) and then people to have their identities contracted (that does happen). Maybe she has seen these blogs and the name clicked.

Later there was a skit on extreme sports, including the luge.

Yup, the language was rather R-rated. The show lasted slightly longer than one hour.

The link is here.

The Comedy Spot is located near the Regal Cinema complex on the Third Level of the Ballston Common in Arlington VA.

I had a friend in Minneapolis who worked in the coffee business on the Skyway but who loved to do standup comedy. His favorite line was "stay out of jai." Or, "stay out of the penitentiary" in St. Cloud.

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