Monday, June 15, 2009

Emily Bear, 7, performs her own compositions on ABC GMA

Since I mention young composers here, I thought I would pass along that 7 year old Emily Bear performed on ABC “Good Morning America” today. She performed two of her own compositions, one of them called “Northern Lights” (somewhat Debusssy-like, reminding me of the famous Arabesque, which I learned in ninth grade), and another named after the show. Anchor Chris Cuomo introduced her.

She has a major website here. The CD is called "Once Upon a Wish."

The ABC story and video is not there yet, but I presume it will be posted some time on Monday June 15. Update (7 PM EDT): The video is there now under a general link here; look under "Recently on GMA" and use the frame scroll bar. I don't know if ABC will make it available permanently. However ABC has another video link called "Chat with a Piano Prodigy" (between Cuomo and Emily) here. Both videos require watching an ad (in one case, from the Cleveland Clinic!)

The name "Northern Lights" was used by Estonian composer Eduard Tubin, for his post-romantic to modern and rather dramatic Piano Sonata #2 (link) Actually, it should be #3 because the D Minor Beethoven-like "Sonatina" is really a full-blown Sonata itself. The works are available from Swedish record company BIS on CD 414-416 (3 set) with pianist Vardo Rumessen. I have to say that the last Tubin Sonata would make a perfect fit for the performance style of Timothy Andres (May 14 review here).

Pictures: Below: Moon (mine); Above: Aurora australis ("Southern Lights") taken by NASA, Wikipedia attribution link.

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